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The Next Economy Program is part of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs subsidized program “Local Employment in Africa for Development (LEAD)’’.

The objective of the program is to

  1. Inspire,
  2. Educate,
  3. Coach; and
  4. Facilitate– Youth (18-35 years) in:
    1. setting – up their own enterprise,scale-up a promising start-up, or
    2. to prepare them, in cooperation with the private sector, for a ‘decent job’.

The program has been intended to run from 2016-2018 in three different countries; Nigeria, Mali and Somalia.

The Next Economy Program is run by an Alliance, which consists of:

  1. 1%Club,
  2. SOS Children Villages,
  3. Enviu and
  4. Partner organization Afrilabs.

SOS Children’s Villages has been active over 30 years in Nigeria, Mali and Somalia as an expert on accompanying children and youth on their way to become resilient adolescents. They are lovingly cared for in children’s villages, receive education and have access to healthcare. Next to that SOS CV has family strengthening programs implementing activities to promote sustainable income generation in collaboration with local authorities, NGO’s and civil society.

1%Club is specialized in realizing worldwide smart start up ideas of young pioneers and entrepreneurs through crowdfunding and crowd-sourcing. Entrepreneurs gain access to knowledge, network and starting capital. In Africa 1%Club is experienced in stimulating the start-up sector as founder of the Business Incubation Lab- Nailab, where by now 35 start-ups have emerged and the Cheetah Fund, a matching fund supporting 75 smart ideas of young African entrepreneurs in 22 African countries with starting capital.

Enviu starts impact driven companies; companies with a positive impact on their surroundings and the society. Through co-creation, Enviu challenges a community of entrepreneurs, creatives and innovators to devise business concepts. The best concepts are further developed towards investment readiness.


The Next Economy program aspires to empower young people to unfold their talent and stimulate them to create their own future jobs in Jos, Nigeria. The Next Economy program is driven by the needs of the youth and based on their ideas, visions and plans to make a difference in their own lives and those of others. Next Economy aims to support them where necessary to develop the right employability and entrepreneurial skills.


This program expects to achieve the following results in three years:

1200 inspired, schooled and coached youth, skilled to either set up or scale up their own business, or to enter 00111the labour market.

Creation of

  • 80 jobs with new start-ups,
  • 100 jobs in 10 up scaled start-ups;
  • 250 youth finding a ‘decent job’.

Our contribution has a multiple social value: sustainable income generation for a large group of vulnerable youth, an impulse to the local economy and bottom-up innovative solutions for social problems through impact driven companies.