We’ve had Some Awesome Events.

Space Apps inspires local innovation communities in cities across six continents to convene, ideate and build. Diverse and collaborative teams of technologists, scientists, designers, entrepreneurs, and others work together in a 48-hour sprint to develop answers to some of the most pressing challenges facing planet Earth using NASA data.


Hash Code

Hash code is a team-based programming competition organised by Google for students and industry professionals across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. You pick your team, programming language and a real-life engineering problem to solve.

Xamarin Hero Jos is a 2 days hackathon providing attendees with an intense hands-on learning experience. Time is spent exploring mobile development with sessions from Xamarin, then an evening session is dedicated to coding. Xamarin hero 2017 was hosted by nHub from 7th - 8th February.



Hackjos is nHub’ flagship Challenge-Driven Hackathon and Conference involving ICT stakeholders/drivers where ICT issues will be discussed that brings together tech-savvy citizens, scientists, entrepreneurs, educators and students, programmers, developers across Nigeria under one roof for 48 hours to get involved and showcase their ingenuity and talents in the pursuit of creating compelling solutions that cut across mobile, desktop, web and hardware that will help solve problems relevant to the various sectors of the Nigerian economy.

NASA space app challenge is an International hackathon that occurs over 48 hours in cities around the world – to share ideas and engage with open data to address real-world problems on Earth and in Space. NASA space app challenge is an annual event that pulls citizens together regardless of their background or skill level. Challenges are tackled using robotics, data visualization, hardware, design and many other specialties and most of all IDEAS. nHub hosted NASA Space App Challenge in Jos for Nigeria in 2016.



SEVOCODER CLUB is a code club initiative that runs in secondary schools and colleges in order to fuel an ecosystem (tech culture) of innovation and technology that allows (students within the ages of 9-17 who do not have the privilege to pay to learn coding outside school) to enable them to develop programing skills which is the basis for technology solutions that creatively solve societal problems. It is a futuristic approach aimed towards reducing unemployment amongst Nigerian youths, as Sevocoder Code Club equips them with self-sustaining IT skills and knowledge.