‘Team Ivory’ Wins NASA International Space Apps Challenge At nHub for the second time in a row

‘Team Ivory’ Wins NASA International Space Apps Challenge At nHub for the second time in a row

The much anticipated 2017 NASA International Space Apps Challenge, hosted by nHub Nigeria kicked off at 10am on Saturday, April 29th, 2017 was a wrap.


The annual 48-hour hackathon which takes place in several cities around the world brings together coders, scientists, designers, storytellers, makers, builders, technologists, and everyone enthusiastic about space come together to address challenges we face on Earth and in space.


Day 1 met the arrival of the participants and the formation of teams as prior to the day of the event, NASA had opened its website for registration. This year’s challenges, gave participants the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of science and space exploration by working on certain challenges.


The teams and their different challenges are as follows.


1. Earth-Bot – Dictionary of the Earth: Earth-bot worked on a dictionary for the earth, one that will provide definitions on earth related terminologies. The Earth-bot web application will help scientists and public alike to find the definitions of earth related terminologies.


2. Bened Hub- Live Smart: Bened Hub, using exponential technologies via Web applications, evaluated environmental, social and economic data to design tools and plan blueprints for smart and connected rural and urban settlements. Also, creating both portal and emergency lines for quick responses to all kind of disasters.


3. Jay_Dinner- What’s for Dinner: This team is solving the problem of food wastage by showing how we can extend the shell-life, using pounded yam as case study. The basic factors in consideration are time, temperature and duration of cooking.


4. BitsAir – Pilot Plus: Team BitsAir built an app to help the pilot and passengers on board to get information on their current location on air.


5. TeamIVORY – Fire Fighter: TeamIvory utilized real time weather parameters and conversations of people at fire accident scenes, through text mining algorithms to help fire-fighters put out fires in strategic landmarks in Vom community of Jos, Plateau State. This ground-breaking intervention includes directions on map to nearby health facilities.


6. Keplar – Dictionary of the Earth: Team Keplar is providing a creative way for users of any scientific background to gather information on the earth and it’s resources. Users can also add verified information to the already available data.


7. Nassi – Earth is cool: Presented an interesting video on why they think their earth is cool and why it is the only planet that supports life.


8.Ultimate- Landslide Strike: Team Ultimate  build a web application that will help people control landslide strikes and its causes.


Day2, the second and final had participants putting finishing to their demo’s, prototype’s and getting set to pitch their projects.


The SSA to the Governor of Plateau State on ICT and one of the Judges at the competition Mr. Dung Daniel Dalyop, in addressing the participants before their presentations assured them that government was not unaware of all that goes on at nHub and their efforts towards driving tech and improvement in the tech innovation industry. He also charged the participants to be encouraged despite the outcome of the competition. “No solution is wrong, only the timing may be wrong plus everyone is a winner”.

The two day event culminated in a pitch session. All the teams, made presentation of Demo’s and Prototypes in front of a panel of judges which included Dr. Nentawe Gurumdimma of the department of computer science, university of Jos, Mr. Alams Mummuan, a lecturer in the department of computer science, university of Jos and also a security expert, Mr. Mogan Gofwen, a software and security Expert, and Mr. Eric Nanle a Consultant in nHub. Each team had 5 minutes for their presentations before entertaining any questions. Anticipation was high as the winning team was going to be selected.


After the judges had deliberated and the audience had voted for the “Peoples’ Choice Awards”, the results were presented.


And here we have them!


Team IVORY emerged winners with their ground-breaking invention for fighting fires. Followed by Team BITSAIR for designing a location app for pilots and passengers on board.

Team NASSI won the people’s choice award for their video presentation on “My Earth is Cool”


All in all, the teams performed remarkably well.


The SpaceApps challenge was a huge success and we look forward to doing it bigger and better next year. We would love to thank our sponsors, SmartWeb, Airtel Networks; Jos Showroom, NBPlc, and Qitech for helping us put this up.


All the teams gained automatic membership to nHub training and incubation process to enable them complete their projects. They also received certificates of participation from NASA International Space Apps Challenge.

The global award of the competition includes an opportunity to attend a NASA launch.


nHub is the first technology center in Northern Nigeria which seeks to empower entrepreneurs on their journey to build great ideas out of little or nothing.


Theodore Longji
Lead, Research & Development/Partnerships
nHub Incubator and Accelerator Ltd